The Cereja do Fundão

The cherry has become one of the contemporary icons of Fundão. This simple red fruit is responsible for beautiful landscapes. Cherry growing has transformed the natural heritage and the life of the communities of the Gardunha mountains.

The registered brand ‘Cereja do Fundão’ is a Portuguese Tradition Product and more importantly it is certified as a PGI - Protected Geographical Indication, for its quality and geographical origin.

In the last decades, cherry growing has become an important economic, social and cultural asset for the region’s community. During the month of June, the Festa da Cereja, in the village of Alcongosta, is one of the most successful community-based events that showcases the mouth watering fruit.

The Cereja do Fundão brand has raised public awareness which has promoted, as well as boosted, the region’s tourism and cultural offer. Nowadays, visitors can experience many activities in the Gardunha’s cherry orchards all year round.

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