The Casa da Cereja

The Casa da Cereja is a project that required reconverting the Primary School of  Alcongosta, a village located in the Gardunha mountains in the Fundão council. It is an inclusive project where everyone can discover and learn.

The tour begins with the origins of the word ‘cherry’ and what it symbolises as a cultural image. As we learn more about the cherry tree, its flowers and fruit, the journey will take us around the world. We will get to know about some of the many varieties of cherry; in particular, the Saco Cova da Beira, a local and very resistant variety. The visit continues through the ever changing landscape of Gardunha, where the sought out Cereja do Fundão is grown. Finally, we are invited to discover some more about Alcongosta and how the growing of cherries has become an important part of the natural and cultural landscape.

This project aims to be a place for both the local communities and everyone who wishes to visit it. The Casa da Cereja is one of the UNESCO Centre of Fundão - Casas e Lugares do Sentir that focuses on promoting the sharing of knowledge and experience through Education, Science, Culture and Communication.

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