The chestnut wood ladders

Built by hand, the ladders made of chestnut wood are an essential object during the harvesting and picking of cherries and any other fruits.

The fruit growers prefer these types of ladders because they are safer, less slippery, more durable and because the chestnut wooden ladder does not hurt or injure the trees.

The wood, at least fifteen years old, must be cut during a full moon, during the winter. It is  when the wood has no sap and is more resistant. 

The building process starts with cutting and preparing the wood. Then, the sides are prepared for the fitting of the steps, made of wood leftovers. After closing the ladder and planing it, it is ready for use.

This craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation, is essential in many of the farms and orchards in the region. Sadly, there are less and less chestnut wood ladder craftsmen. In Alcongosta there is only one left. 

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