The council that gives name to the most well-known cherry, Fundão, offers to all that visit ‘365 days of discovery’. Its privileged location, between the massive Estrela mountains and the colour changing Gardunha mountains, the council of Fundão is an important thriving force of the economic development of the Cova da Beira region.

The natural settings that the Gardunha mountains offer, allows the visitors the opportunity to enjoy Nature all year round. There are several walking and mountain-bike routes to choose from while enjoying the various colours and shades that Gardunha has to offer in each season.

The Cereja do Fundão is only one of the many tradition-inspired products that Fundão has to offer: wines and liquors, cured sausages and cheeses, wild mushrooms, jams and honeys and also cakes and biscuits. All of these and plenty of other tasty treats can be enjoyed in many restaurants in the Fundão area, as well as in one of the annual themed events, such as the Festa da Cereja, in the second weekend of June, in Alcongosta.

Fundão offers a diverse and quality range of accommodation, from high end hotels to the experience of glamour camping. As an alternative, you can also stay in the Historical Village of Castelo Novo or in one of the Mountain Villages of Gardunha - Alcaide, Alpedrinha e Alcongosta.

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